Lynda Morgensen Born and raised in the South, Lynda’s interest in art began at an early age when her father, an amateur artist and woodcarver, taught her to draw. She developed her skills on her own as she grew up in the small towns of Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana.

After marrying and while living near Montgomery, Alabama, she began to paint on canvas for the first time, attending a weekly painting class for a few months. With her teacher’s encouragement, she became involved with the Montgomery Art Guild.

Several years later, as her family got older, she went to college. An out-of-state career opportunity for her husband caused her to put aside her educational goals before she obtained her degree. Lynda continued to paint as a hobby, studying and experimenting on her own. She also took local classes in her new home of Meridian, Mississippi, where her husband had established his business.

After a divorce in 1985, Lynda subsequently remarried a Colorado native and moved to Boulder, Colorado. As fate would have it, a year later her new husband took an assignment in Bandung, Indonesia and she was off to a distant and different world. Describing her seven years there as “a great, life-changing adventure,” Lynda began painting again with real fervor. She took lessons in Bandung with a noted Indonesian artist and felt real growth and excitement in her work. With her husband’s constant encouragement, she was quite prolific during that time. Lynda especially loved painting the indigenous people of the islands, and became most interested in portrait and figure work. While living there, she exhibited her work with a group of American artists in Jakarta and Bandung. She traveled and painted in Bali, Sumatra, Lombok and many other islands of the Indonesian Archipelago.

Moving back to Colorado in 1997, Lynda found the Colorado landscape ill-suited to her tropically-inspired paintings of Bali and Java. A series of events at that time then launched Lynda into interior design as a career, and she had a successful business for many years.

During a car trip through the art-rich Southwest, Lynda found inspiration to return to her first love of painting. With her husband’s ever-present encouragement, she began to study art and devote the rest of her life to her art as a professional. Lynda has studied with such artists as David Leffel, Carolyn Anderson, Anthony Ryder, Julia McKee, Seamus Berkeley, and Nick Farbacher. She works each day in her studio in Fort Collins, Colorado as she seeks to promote and improve herself as an artist.
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