“I believe that in our souls, we do not change fundamentally from our childhoods. Rather, I feel that as we age, we return to those simple, intrinsic, and more honest beliefs and concepts we held as children. I realize now how extremely short life is. I finally feel that I have the confidence, ability and knowledge to paint what I once dreamed I could paint 30 years ago.

“As a child, I used to pretend and tell stories. My oil portraits and figure work are another way of telling stories about people, about their joy and sorrow, their innocence and wisdom, and even of their hard work. They also speak of me and how I see the world and the people in it. They are my interpretations of a unique individual, perhaps in a particular setting, using the language of oil and canvas.”

About the red signature...
“When I first began painting professionally, I was told that because there was a lot of discrimination against women artists, I should only use my initials or last name to sign my paintings. The more I reflected on that, the more I decided that it was wrong! So I then decided that not only would I sign my full name, I would sign in cadmium red!”
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